How To Be A Procrastinator, Yet Still Write Well 101

Writing how you say “shitty first drafts” is not very hard to do… yet not easier either. It takes a special type of person to write something that is absolute “shit”. However, I sometimes feel that what I have written on the page is awful and I delete the whole thing and start fresh.ezgif-com-gif-maker-2.gif I don’t really do much of pre-writing. Sometimes I think up ideas as I am walking to class and sometimes they just come to me on the spot as I am writing. Writers block has never really been a huge problem for me unless I have to write something without a prompt. As long as I have a small start or idea of what I will be writing about I can usually get it done in under an hour if I really hammer down. If I don’t ha ve much of a topic say for free writing or fiction writing, thats when I start to have trouble. I have to rack my brain for anything interesting that has ever happened to me or someone I know and see if that would be a good enough topic to write on. I sort of edit as I go and constantly rewrite/reread as I move down the page more. I have started a smaller first draft but most of my writing consists of questions.

I have found, after discussing with my professor, that it would be more beneficial to me to start answering these questions in my writing rather than asking. With this second paper I really enjoy the structure of the example paper we had to look at. I learn and write better when I have something to model my writing after. I plan to start with the small idea of a cell phone. I plan to dive into Alexander Graham Bell’s invention of the telephone and bring it around full circle and identify how technology is causing problems in our world.retro-phone-gif-20.gif I plan to discuss how it has more of a negative effect on society rather than a positive effect. The worst of them all is the cell phone, it seems to be the root of all problems. It seems crazy how such a small (except the fact that apple keeps making them larger) screensizes-on-iphonehand held device could be the cause of so many problems in our world today. A large question I plan to prose is: Was our world really safe to begin with, has technology changed our world into a more dangerous place or has it opened our eyes to the way the world has always been? By stating this question I plan to back it up with evidence and facts from research I have done on cell phones and technology in general. Again going back to the structure I plan to focus it all on the cell phone, yet make it apparent that I am referring to technology as a whole and its effects on our world today.


2 thoughts on “How To Be A Procrastinator, Yet Still Write Well 101

  1. Very interesting question here regarding technology. It’s one I’ve thought a lot about too from time to time. There is a dialogue by Plato called *Phaedrus* that discusses a myth surrounding the creation of writing. In the little tale, a god named Theuth attempts to give the gift of writing to another god. That other god, Thamus, says that writing is a “pharmakon”–a greek word that can mean both poison and cure depending on the context and where we get the modern word, pharmacy. So, when we think of technologies being ultimately good or bad for society, we can think of the pharmakon–it’s both!


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